Pats vs. Ravens THE REMATCH

            Finally, what people have been waiting for Pats and Ravens. Pats won last year 23-20. There are many keys to winning.


            When they run…

Stevan Ridley is a developing back, who continues to impress Pat’s fans. Danny Woodhead shows a lot of speed. Though against Haloti Ngata and this defensive front, who’s better? Woodhead or Ridley? I’d say Ridley because he is a powerful back who knows how to pick the holes

When they PASS…

Aaron Hernandez is injured, though Welker is all over opposing defenses. Watch out Baltimore D.


            When they run…

Ray Rice needs to pick the open lanes well, or else Vince Wilfork will stop him for sure.

When they PASS…

Joe Flacco played with poise against the Eagles, and he should do the same here. Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith will be hard to cover.

The winner IS…

Both teams will play well, but the Ravens know how to play tough, aggressive D.

My call: Ravens 16, Patriots 13

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