The Oldest Rivalry in Football: Giants vs. Eagles

The oldest rivalry in football continues Sunday night at 8:20pm on NBC. Already, we’ve seen the best and worst from these teams through the first 3 games. There will be some serious matchups coming in to this game.

Eli Manning vs. Nnamdi Asomougha

Manning needs to make sure that he doesn’t make any careless throws. Watch out for Nnamdi Asomougha, because he could take one to the house. As long as Eli doesn’t throw too many picks and is able to find Cruz and Nicks open, the Giants should be just fine.

Micheal Vick vs.  Jason Pierre-Paul

We have not seen the best from Vick or the Philadelphia Eagles. They lead the league with 12 turnovers, after having just 8 all of last season. Again, we’ll probably see the worst from Vick, and possibly the best performance from Pierre-Paul thus far.

Victor Cruz vs. Desean Jackson

Wideout vs. Wideout matchup. This will probably be the matchup that decides who wins the game. Cruz has been unstoppable, while Jackson has been impressive, but not good enough for a ‘bounce-back’ season.  Cruz will probably be doing the salsa in the end zone while Jackson just makes catches for about 10-20 yards, and probably a punt return for a TD.

My call: This game will be competitive, but the Giants have the odds in their favor. The defense will pressure Vick quite a bit, while Cruz should be salsa-ing all night. NY Giants: 30, Philadelphia Eagles 20.

Ravens vs. Browns, Who Needs To Step Up?

The Ravens were the Browns before they became the Ravens, so a lot of old-timers will know about that stuff. Now, you might think that horrible wide receivers vs. veteran defense = blowout, but hold your horses before you make any predictions. There are key matchups



Rice vs. Richardson


Richardson: He is a rookie who has gotten a lot of short runs, though he gets a lot of yards when it comes to receiving. Compared to Rice, Richardson has 4 more carries, but 93 yards less rushing yards, so far…


Rice: Rice has been explosive against defenses. First, he is little, at 5-8. Second, he has a nose for big yardage. So far, Rice has never lost yardage, which through 3 games (This game is the Week 4 game) is pretty unbelievable. Trust me, Ray Rice is the best running back that you can have on your team.


Cribbs vs. Webb


Cribbs: Watch out Sam Koch, Joshua Cribbs is in the house. Cribbs is having a great year for a punt returner this season, only 10-punt return for 130 yards. Against a team that has a bad punt return coverage team, Cribbs should be able to take it to the house.


Webb: He has 1 punt return for 9 yards, but his defense is stout. He has 1 forced fumble and 1 fumble recovery, so Mr. Trent Richardson, hold on the THE BALL. The last thing you want is to get the ball ripped out of your hands.


My call: The Ravens are at home, and should cruise to victory and should extend their streak to 9 straight wins vs. Browns. Ravens, 28 Browns 21


Packers vs Seahawks: Inside the Mind of 2 Amazingly Talented QBs

Packers vs Seahawks: Inside the Mind of 2 Amazingly Talented QBs

Now, the Packers and Seahawks matchup will probably end up being a blowout, or comeback, but there are many things we need to talk about, so lets get started.


Rodgers vs Wilson:

Okay, now lets get this straight. We know that Russell Wilson is a rookie that will rush efficiently, but he can still pass. He has the poise to do it all. It will be interesting to see how well he does against veteran defensive backs like Charles Woodson and Tramon Williams, and outside linebacker Clay Matthews.

Rodgers will be the other big player to watch. Against a defense that loves to blitz though, he might have a few struggles, though as the game progresses, he should be just fine.

My call: The Seahawks have their biggest chance of defending their home field, so, I say Seahawks win 38-35. What do you think? Leave a comment…

Pats vs. Ravens THE REMATCH

            Finally, what people have been waiting for Pats and Ravens. Pats won last year 23-20. There are many keys to winning.


            When they run…

Stevan Ridley is a developing back, who continues to impress Pat’s fans. Danny Woodhead shows a lot of speed. Though against Haloti Ngata and this defensive front, who’s better? Woodhead or Ridley? I’d say Ridley because he is a powerful back who knows how to pick the holes

When they PASS…

Aaron Hernandez is injured, though Welker is all over opposing defenses. Watch out Baltimore D.


            When they run…

Ray Rice needs to pick the open lanes well, or else Vince Wilfork will stop him for sure.

When they PASS…

Joe Flacco played with poise against the Eagles, and he should do the same here. Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith will be hard to cover.

The winner IS…

Both teams will play well, but the Ravens know how to play tough, aggressive D.

My call: Ravens 16, Patriots 13