Ravens vs. Browns, Who Needs To Step Up?

The Ravens were the Browns before they became the Ravens, so a lot of old-timers will know about that stuff. Now, you might think that horrible wide receivers vs. veteran defense = blowout, but hold your horses before you make any predictions. There are key matchups



Rice vs. Richardson


Richardson: He is a rookie who has gotten a lot of short runs, though he gets a lot of yards when it comes to receiving. Compared to Rice, Richardson has 4 more carries, but 93 yards less rushing yards, so far…


Rice: Rice has been explosive against defenses. First, he is little, at 5-8. Second, he has a nose for big yardage. So far, Rice has never lost yardage, which through 3 games (This game is the Week 4 game) is pretty unbelievable. Trust me, Ray Rice is the best running back that you can have on your team.


Cribbs vs. Webb


Cribbs: Watch out Sam Koch, Joshua Cribbs is in the house. Cribbs is having a great year for a punt returner this season, only 10-punt return for 130 yards. Against a team that has a bad punt return coverage team, Cribbs should be able to take it to the house.


Webb: He has 1 punt return for 9 yards, but his defense is stout. He has 1 forced fumble and 1 fumble recovery, so Mr. Trent Richardson, hold on the THE BALL. The last thing you want is to get the ball ripped out of your hands.


My call: The Ravens are at home, and should cruise to victory and should extend their streak to 9 straight wins vs. Browns. Ravens, 28 Browns 21


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