MLB 2K13 Game Review

MLB 2K11 and 2K12 were games that turned out to be very not popular. Featuring David Price on the cover of MLB 2K13, an improved roster update, and some very high ratings for players such as Stephen Strasburg, Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, David Price, Nelson Cruz, and Clayton Kershaw, it is a game that will certainly excite many baseball fans who are looking for a great game.

What’s New:

MLB Today/Season – With this game mode, you can play exhibitions with the latest rosters, and play an MLB season with the games Today, and it has Today stats. For example, let’s say you started a season as the Washington Nationals, and it had the current record for the team as of Today, you play the MLB season day by day, and you are required to control the rest of the season. So, in the end, you can do better or worse than your favorite MLB team.

MyPlayer – There are more types of roles you can play, such as being a starting, workhorse pitcher. With batters, you are NOT a contact/power hitter. Which path will you take to become from AAA Minor League player, to MLB World Series Champion? Can you become the next Stephen Strasburg or Bryce Harper, become a Cy Young-caliber pitcher, a Triple Crown threat, or a Gold Glove player? Can you become one of baseball’s best player’s on your favorite team? (After creating your player, you choose your favorite baseball to play on, start your way from the team’s AAA Minor League team, and later on, step on to baseball’s biggest stage, as a part of the MLB).

Franchise – You are the team’s front office. Championship teams start from there, and become a reality on the field. Can you control your team and build a MLB dynasty that will forever be remembered? Can you become the best team Front Office in MLB history?

Click to order your copy (PS3 or XBOX 360): MLB 2K13.

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