Week 17: The Craziest Weekend Of NFL History

The 2013-14 NFL season’s Week 17 will be the craziest ever. Here are the predictions for who wins and who sits at home on the couch.

Philadelphia Eagles (9-6) at Dallas Cowboys (8-7), 8:30PM EST, NBC

As many of you have heard, Tony Romo has been injured with a herniated disk. Now here’s the big question. Can Kyle Orton lead the team to victory? Orton is 35-34 as a starter, and this is the biggest game of his life, and also for Jason Garrett. Meanwhile, the Eagles came off a 54-11 win over the Chicago Bears. LeSean McCoy had 18 carries for 133 yards and 2 TDs, and Bryce Brown had 9 for 118, including a 65-yard TD run. Nick Foles went 21 of 25 for 230 yards and 2 TDs. The Eagles will be the No. 3 seed in the NFC, and will beat the ‘Boys for the 1st time since Oct. 30, 2011. Final Score: 30-3, Eagles.

Green Bay Packers (7-7-1) at Chicago Bears (8-7), 4:25PM EST, FOX

Now Bears fans, I know you’ll be hoping for no Aaron Rodgers, Eddie Lacy, Randall Cobb, or Clay Matthews, so this will be easy. Think again! Rodgers, Lacy, and Cobb are expected to play, whereas Matthews is a game-time decision. Bears fans, get ready for another season on the couch. Final Score: 35-25, Packers.

St. Louis Rams (7-8) at Seattle Seahawks (12-3), 4:25PM EST, FOX

The Seahawks were upset 17-10 at home by the Cardinals. With many starters resting, it’ll happen again. Final Score: 22-10, Rams

San Francisco 49ers (11-4) at Arizona Cardinals (10-5), 4:25PM EST, FOX

The Cardinals upset the Seahawks last week with a 17-10 win, but after seeing the 49ers stave off the Falcons comeback with a Pick-6, it ain’t happening. Also, with a Seahawks loss, the 49ers will have the No. 1 seed in the NFC. Final Score: 19-17, 49ers.

Baltimore Ravens (8-7) at Cincinnati Bengals (10-5), 1:00PM EST, CBS

Finally, some AFC talk over here. Ravens and Bengals. This is a game which will determine the AFC North. After seeing the Ravens get crushed be the Pats, they’ll get crushed again. Final Score: 42-19, Bengals.

Kansas City Chiefs (11-4) vs. San Diego Chargers (8-7), 4:25PM EST, CBS

Chargers beat the Chiefs with a huge comeback weeks ago, 41-38. The Chiefs want to rest players knowing that they will make the playoffs anyways. The Chargers will win again, and get the No. 6 seed in the AFC. Final Score: 33-24, Chargers.

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