My NFL 2014 Mock Draft: My First 10 Picks

The NFL Draft is full of questionable picks. Here are my first 10 picks.

Houston Texans: Jadeveon Clowney: DE, South Carolina

Clowney has lived up to all of the expectations. The Houston D will be unstoppable with him and JJ Watt.

2.   St. Louis Rams: Teddy Bridgewater: QB, Louisville

Bridgewater is a solid QB who will replace Sam Bradford. There is tons of doubt in Bridgewater due to his struggles at the draft combine, and not running the 40-yard dash, yet he still is the best quarterback in the NFL Draft this year. He should use his sensational season at Louisville as a bit of motivation towards his NFL career.

3.   Jacksonville Jaguars: Sammy Watkins: WR, Clemson

The Jags need a go-to receiver for Chad Henne. His name is Sammy Watkins, the best receiver in the draft.

4.   Cleveland Browns: Johnny Manziel: QB, Texas A&M

Cleveland needs a QB, and Manziel is the answer to that. Manziel is a QB who has been all over the radar this year, and he will be great for this organization.

5.   Oakland Raiders: Greg Robinson: OL, Auburn

Robinson is a hard-nosed, SEC offensive lineman who will protect Matt Schaub.

6.   Atlanta Falcons: Khalil Mack: OLB, Buffalo

Mack at one point was considered a top 2 pick, but he’ll thrive alongside Osi Umeniyora in Atlanta.

7.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Mike Evans: WR, Texas A&M

Manziel’s favorite target will now become Mike Glennon’s favorite.

8.   Minnesota Vikings: Anthony Barr: OLB, University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA)

Barr is a hard-hitting player who will ignite the Vikings, despite the loss of star DE Jared Allen (now on the Bears).

9.   Buffalo Bills: Ha Ha Clinton-Dix: FS, Alabama

Clinton-Dix is not a player who intercepts passes, but he can lockdown any player he covers, and is good when blitzing the quarterback.

10. Detroit Lions: Justin Gilbert: CB, Oklahoma State (OSU)

Gilbert is probably the best cornerback in a draft since Patrick Peterson (Cardinals). He will lockdown all receivers at all costs.

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