Should LeBron Be The MVP Win or Lose? Who Wins The Finals?

I have no idea who came up with this, but somebody decided to show his love for LeBron and start a conversation saying that win or lose, he’s the MVP. Here is why or why not he should win, and who will actually win.

Why Should LeBron Win

He’s been playing probably the 2nd best NBA Finals of his career (2012 being his 1st), but either way, he’s been the one player who has played well every game (even Game 4, even though he only had 20 points). James is the greatest player on the planet, and if he wins Game 6 and Game 7, he can win it. Even if he loses Game 7, as long as Stephen Curry doesn’t have a monstrous Game 6 or Game 7, it’s his to lose.

Why He Shouldn’t Win

He shouldn’t win because it is better if the MVP is from the winning team. I mean, really, it’s never happened in the NBA, and Super Bowl V was the first and only time it happened in the NFL (Baltimore Colts beat Dallas Cowboys 16-13, but LB Chuck Howley of the Cowboys won the MVP). Stephen Curry will be the reason that they win these Finals, and his regular season MVP award should help him out a bit. Anybody taking Andre Iguodala? Look at what he has done against LeBron. Phenomenal stuff defensively, and has stepped up offensively as well since being inserted in Game 4 into the starting lineup.

Who Should Win?

Curry should still win. No matter how spectacular LeBron has been, and how spectacular he may be, the people chose Curry for the regular season MVP, and that will help his cause dearly. Also, Curry has helped the Warriors get to this 3-2 series lead, almost by himself, just as LeBron has done to get Cleveland to just be down 3-2.

Who Wins The Finals?

The Warriors will win in 7 games. LeBron won’t let his fans down in the last game of the year in Cleveland, so there is the win for the Cavs, but winning in Oakland won’t happen. MVP: Stephen Curry, PG, Golden State Warriors

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