Packers vs Seahawks: Inside the Mind of 2 Amazingly Talented QBs

Packers vs Seahawks: Inside the Mind of 2 Amazingly Talented QBs

Now, the Packers and Seahawks matchup will probably end up being a blowout, or comeback, but there are many things we need to talk about, so lets get started.


Rodgers vs Wilson:

Okay, now lets get this straight. We know that Russell Wilson is a rookie that will rush efficiently, but he can still pass. He has the poise to do it all. It will be interesting to see how well he does against veteran defensive backs like Charles Woodson and Tramon Williams, and outside linebacker Clay Matthews.

Rodgers will be the other big player to watch. Against a defense that loves to blitz though, he might have a few struggles, though as the game progresses, he should be just fine.

My call: The Seahawks have their biggest chance of defending their home field, so, I say Seahawks win 38-35. What do you think? Leave a comment…