The 2012-2013 NCAA Football Heisman Trophy Top 3 Predictions

There are many candidates for the Heisman Trophy and it will be very interesting to see who comes up on top. Here are my top 3 Heisman candidates.

1. Collin Klein (Kansas State)

Klein is a quarterback who has just changed the tempo for Kansas State. He is a true candidate for the Heisman because of his ability to escape from pressure in the pocket.

2. AJ McCarron (Alabama)

McCarron is a QB who has certainly learned how to make the right plays at the right time early and late in the game. The biggest problem is that Alabama has no shot at making it to the BCS unless Kansas State loses to Baylor, and Oregon gets shocked by Stanford.

3. Kenjon Barner (Oregon)

Kenjon Barner is one of the more physical backs in the NCAA and has really made a big impact in the Pac-12 division. He has had multiple games with multiple touchdowns and multiple games with 200+ yards. If he keeps this up, then Oregon will force Notre Dame to have to face Alabama in the Fiesta Bowl, so the BCS Championship Trophy should be battled out between Oregon and Kansas State.

My call: The 2012-2013 Heisman Trophy is presented to… Collin Klein. He is a player with enough guts to win the Heisman Trophy. K-State is a much-improved team compared to last year.

Read my updated Heisman predictions, after week 13 here.

3 thoughts on “The 2012-2013 NCAA Football Heisman Trophy Top 3 Predictions

  1. I won’t argue with you #2 or #3, but did you see K-State’s game against Baylor on Saturday? Good lord! Not only has Klein not faced a team in the BCS Top 10 this season, but Baylor wasn’t ranked. If I am not mistaken, Baylor was 5-5 coming in to this game with KSU. Funny thing is, Baylor didnt just beat KSU, they destroyed them!

    Klein had a miserable day against unranked Baylor. He led a great 1-minute drive at the end of the first half, but that was about his only highlight of the day. Before that drive, I believe he only had 49 yards passing and 5 yards rushing in the entire first half. He also had 3 interceptions in the game!

    Sorry, while I think Klein is a great QB, I don’t think he is the frontrunner for the Heisman trophy. Yes, he has some great stats and he has had a decent season, but so has the QB at Northern Illinois. Of course, no one is considering the NIU QB b/c of the level of competition he has faced….well, the same should be said for Klein.

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