2013-2014 Season NFL Draft: Top 5 Picks – Week 9 predictions

There are many players that we know of from college who can easily make it to the NFL. Here are my Top 5 draft picks, after week 9:

#1 Pick by the Kansas City Chiefs: Quarterback Geno Smith (West Virginia Moutaineers)

Geno Smith out of West Virginia is a player that reminds many of RG3 in Baylor and how he started off his NFL career with the Washington Redskins, as well as Donovan McNabb in Syracuse and in his early years as an Eagles player, and Andrew Luck in Stanford. Matt Cassel literally sucks, so don’t be surprised to see Smith in a red and white Chiefs uniform.

#2 Pick by the Jacksonville Jaguars: Quarterback Matt Barkley (USC Trojans)

It’s pretty obvious that Matt Barkley will go Number 2 (if he doesn’t go number 1), and he has shown us that so far. He plays like an NFL QB and he can make the right plays at the right time. The only reason that I wouldn’t put him as the number 1 pick is because he can’t escape from all the pressure that the defenses are giving him. Also, he got a lot of criticism after the USC Trojans lost to the Stanford Cardinal 21-14.

#3 Pick by the Cleveland Browns: Defensive End Barkevious Mingo (LSU Tigers)

The Cleveland Browns have one of the most explosive offenses in the league, but a defense that many coaches might not want to rely on. Mingo could very easily change that. Though, the Browns have to make the right pick, or else Mingo is out of the picture!

#4 Pick by the Carolina Panthers: Wide Receiver Keenan Allen (Cal aka California Golden Bears)

The Carolina Panthers don’t have a star wide receiver other than Steve Smith, so the speedy Allen out of Cal is the perfect choice. He has a 6’3”, 210 pound frame. He is one of the fastest wide receivers in the country. He has the explosiveness to make big catches, and the agility to make defenders miss. The Panthers can’t pass off on Allen, no matter what circumstances may lie in front of them.

#5 Pick by the Washington Redskins: Defensive End Sam Montgomery (LSU Tigers)

The Washington Redskins have a similar situation to what the Cleveland Browns are going through, so Montgomery is the perfect choice. Washington needs a player at defense so that he can fill in when players like Brian Orakpo or London Fletcher or anyone else gets injured, he can fill in. Though, he can still get valuable playing time even when there are no injuries (or any major injuries). He is a player who is very tough to block, and he is the best, most reliable pass-rusher in the country. The Redskins should definitely take advantage of this high pick to be able to get a player such as Sam Montgomery who can also play at the Left Outside Linebacker position. He played Left Outside Linebacker on many key and crucial 3rd down plays for LSU. He is a great pass-rusher who has the speed and power to get the job done for LSU defense (which was number 1 in the country in the 2011-2012 NCAA Football season) and possibly for the Washington Redskins defense (if he gets drafted by the team)!

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