NBA Free Agent Tracker: 2012-13

This year so far has been full of free agent talk, from the Dwight Howard to Rockets, and Chris Paul to the Hawks. Here is what is going to shape up for these title contending teams.

  1. Dwight Howard and Chris Paul:

Howard is still weighing his options on where to go to. He had signed a 1-year deal this season, so his contract had ended the moment he had gotten ejected from Game 4 of the 1st round of the playoffs vs. Spurs. Paul has co-existed well with the Clippers, and he wants out of LA because he has been blamed for the Vinny Del Negro firing.

The Outcome:

Howard is a Rocket. Paul is a Hawk.

  1. Josh Smith

Smith is a great power forward. The Hawks have been wanting to trade him for the past 2 years, but the problem is, the Hawks are rejecting the trade offers. He is a restricted free agent, so he is waiting for something to happen

The Outcome:

Josh Smith is a Rocket with Howard.

  1. KG and Paul Pierce

KG and Pierce run in Boston has sadly come to an end.

The Outcome: 

KG goes to the Hawks to join Paul, and Pierce goes to the Clippers

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