MLB Trade Deadline: What Needs to Happen?

Now that the MLB is in full swing after the rather boring All-Star Game, the focus of the MLB will turn towards the MLB trade deadline. August 1st will be here before we know it, and many teams could use trades to get themselves back in the playoff picture, or even just make themselves look better, perhaps. Here are some trades which I think should happen:

LA Dodgers Trade SP Clayton Kershaw and 2B Howie Kendrick to Tampa Bay Rays SP Chris Archer and 3B Evan Longoria

I completely understand that Kershaw leads the NL in WAR despite missing over a month of play, but the Dodgers offense is inconsistent. Howie Kendrick has been good at times, and Longoria just has been on the Rays for too long. I think this trade can power LA into a possible division champion contention. As for the Rays, it can only get better from here. Tampa has been in a state of flux for many years now, and the ‘Rays’ of the sun don’t seem to be helping at all. Now, LA is going to lose one of the best pitchers in the game, but I think that Longoria will thrive under the leadership of manager Dave Roberts, who is all about high-powered offenses.

Colorado Rockies Trade OF Carlos Gonzalez to Oakland Athletics for OF Josh Reddick

This trade is a golden one for both teams because these are two great outfielders looking to change teams in order for contracts to be fulfilled. These are two of the best power-hitters in their respective leagues, and these teams are already having downfalls which will force them to have to settle for sitting on the couch in October, so why not try to improve the team going into next season. This will also possibly force these players to restructure a contract, and not have to walk away from their respective teams.

Milwaukee Brewers Trade OF Ryan Braun to NY Yankees for LF Carlos Beltran and CP Aroldis Chapman

The Yankees want to make their team as young as possible, and Milwaukee needs veteran leadership in all facets of the game, and so Beltran and Chapman are excellent position fillers. Braun on the other hand will always be an MVP candidate (even if he is on PEDs), and New York needs a guy who is a blend of power hitting and skilled fielding, and Braun brings that to the table immediately. The Yankees have some work to do in the AL East if they want to be in the Wild Card, though. They are 4.5 games behind the Wild Card leader, the Toronto Blue Jays, who are also in the AL East. Now, with Boston flailing a bit, New York could be in good hands, but if the Houston Astros and Detroit Tigers continue their hot streak, New York ain’t seeing the playoffs this year.

Atlanta Braves Trade RF Nick Markakis to Kansas City Royals for OF Alex Gordon

Unfortunately for the Atlanta Braves, Markakis’ glory days are behind him. His days in Baltimore were great, and they just didn’t seem to last very long. Alex Gordon had his glory days last year in Kansas City. Now, he is an outfielder, like Markakis, looking to find his ‘fountain of youth’. This trade makes a lot of sense because these are two outfielders who have a lot of potential and can still be productive if put on the right team. Markakis has a contract which pays him $11 million per year all the way through the year 2018. This allows for trades for him to become much easier than expected. This trade will give Atlanta fans a chance of hope, as they are the worst team in the big leagues.

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NBA: The Best From Free Agent Signings

There have been great free agent signings so far. Here are the 5 best free agent signings.

The Best

Number 5: Metta World Peace from the Los Angeles Lakers to New York Knicks

World Peace is a player from the LA Lakers who is very energetic on D. The Lakers decided to amnesty World Peace to clear up some cap space after they hit a $29.6 million luxury-tax. He signed a 2-yr, $3.2 million contract.

Number 4: Josh Smith from Atlanta Hawks to Detroit Pistons

Smith brings the wing offense-defense player that the Pistons have wished for years ago. He signed a 4-yr, $54 million deal.

Number 3: Monta Ellis from Milwaukee Bucks to Dallas Mavericks

Ellis is an explosive 2-guard who can play sidekick role to vet Dirk Nowitzki, and he can play point guard to help with their past problem with finding a reliable point since Jason Kidd and JJ Barea left last year due to free agency. He signed a 3-yr, $30 million deal.

Number 2: Andre Iguodala from Denver Nuggets to Golden State Warriors

Iguodala is a explosive offensive force who can give you 20 points or more any game. Going to Golden State means that a Western Conference Finals or NBA Finals appearance is likely. He signed a 4-yr, $48 million contract

Number 1: Dwight Howard from Los Angeles Lakers to the Houston Rockets

Howard, the best center in the league makes life difficult for opposing teams in the process. The expectations are high, as a Western Conference Finals or NBA Finals appearance is expected. He signed a 4-yr, $88 million deal.

Stay tuned for more on 2013 free agency.

NBA Free Agent Tracker: 2012-13

This year so far has been full of free agent talk, from the Dwight Howard to Rockets, and Chris Paul to the Hawks. Here is what is going to shape up for these title contending teams.

  1. Dwight Howard and Chris Paul:

Howard is still weighing his options on where to go to. He had signed a 1-year deal this season, so his contract had ended the moment he had gotten ejected from Game 4 of the 1st round of the playoffs vs. Spurs. Paul has co-existed well with the Clippers, and he wants out of LA because he has been blamed for the Vinny Del Negro firing.

The Outcome:

Howard is a Rocket. Paul is a Hawk.

  1. Josh Smith

Smith is a great power forward. The Hawks have been wanting to trade him for the past 2 years, but the problem is, the Hawks are rejecting the trade offers. He is a restricted free agent, so he is waiting for something to happen

The Outcome:

Josh Smith is a Rocket with Howard.

  1. KG and Paul Pierce

KG and Pierce run in Boston has sadly come to an end.

The Outcome: 

KG goes to the Hawks to join Paul, and Pierce goes to the Clippers