NBA: The Best From Free Agent Signings

There have been great free agent signings so far. Here are the 5 best free agent signings.

The Best

Number 5: Metta World Peace from the Los Angeles Lakers to New York Knicks

World Peace is a player from the LA Lakers who is very energetic on D. The Lakers decided to amnesty World Peace to clear up some cap space after they hit a $29.6 million luxury-tax. He signed a 2-yr, $3.2 million contract.

Number 4: Josh Smith from Atlanta Hawks to Detroit Pistons

Smith brings the wing offense-defense player that the Pistons have wished for years ago. He signed a 4-yr, $54 million deal.

Number 3: Monta Ellis from Milwaukee Bucks to Dallas Mavericks

Ellis is an explosive 2-guard who can play sidekick role to vet Dirk Nowitzki, and he can play point guard to help with their past problem with finding a reliable point since Jason Kidd and JJ Barea left last year due to free agency. He signed a 3-yr, $30 million deal.

Number 2: Andre Iguodala from Denver Nuggets to Golden State Warriors

Iguodala is a explosive offensive force who can give you 20 points or more any game. Going to Golden State means that a Western Conference Finals or NBA Finals appearance is likely. He signed a 4-yr, $48 million contract

Number 1: Dwight Howard from Los Angeles Lakers to the Houston Rockets

Howard, the best center in the league makes life difficult for opposing teams in the process. The expectations are high, as a Western Conference Finals or NBA Finals appearance is expected. He signed a 4-yr, $88 million deal.

Stay tuned for more on 2013 free agency.

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