Postseason Predictions: The Big Questions

xlixThe Seahawks just harassed the Broncos, and the questions pile up, such as can the Seahawks win again, will Peyton Manning win a title, and will players like RG3 and Mike Vick make a run in the playoffs. I will answer all of those questions, and my Super Bowl XLIX Championship Preview.

Will The Seahawks Win Again?

There are 2 things that they will need to do if they want to win. First, they need to resign Richard Sherman, Percy Harvin, Earl Thomas, and Kam Chancellor. These 4 guys came up huge in the Super Bowl, and without them, the hopes are washed away. Second, they need to beat the San Francisco 49ers. Richard Sherman himself said that San Fran is ‘the 2nd-best team in the NFL,’ and also that the game against Colin Kaepernick and Michael Crabtree was ‘the real Super Bowl.’

Will Peyton Win Another Title?

No. Manning is going to lose core players on offense and defense, such as Knowshon Moreno, Eric Decker, and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie are possibly on their way out. The loss is something that will definitely lure them to get out of Denver.


Will RG3 Get Them To The Playoffs, and Will Vick Get On A Team Again?

RG3 will bounce back. No question. He will have a better coach in Jay Gruden, who helped Andy Dalton to 2 stellar seasons. Mike Vick will not be on another team. After he struggled majorly in Philly, and his past history is bad, an unlikely future is certain for him.

Who Will Win XLIX In ‘Zona?

The New England Patriots will face off with the Seattle Seahawks. This will be another blowout Super Bowl. Final Score: 41-16, Seahawks.

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