The NCAA Tournament Before Sweet 16: Championship

The Sweet 16 is next in March Madness. See what madness should be seen. My prediction:

NCAA Championship Game: #1 Virginia vs. #4 Louisville

The defending champs have another big National Championship Game in store. This time, it will be against UVA, a team led by coach Tony Bennett. Bennett is a coach who relies on his team’s defense to lead to offense. They are 1st in the nation in points allowed, at 55.5 points allowed per game. Led by Joe Harris and Malcolm Brogdon on offense, and Akil Mitchell on defense, UVA will have an easy time against guys like Russ Smith, Luke Hancock, and Montrezl Harrell. In the end the final score is…

Final Score

#1 Virginia: 61

#4 Louisville: 55

Most Outstanding Player: Joe Harris, Virginia Cavaliers SG

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