Wild Card Weekend: It’s Finally Here!

Wild Card Weekend, the weekend in which a team with a losing record can upset a heavy favorite. It is finally here, and boy will it be one to remember. Anyways, all the hype shall be settled on the field, so here is how I see it all unfolding.

AFC Wild Card 

(4) Houston Texans vs. (5) Kansas City Chiefs

Both of these teams started terribly, and yet here we are seeing them in the playoffs. The Chiefs started 1-5 and have won 10 straight, and Houston started 2-5, and finished 9-7 for the year, winning the AFC South. Honestly, as great as KC has been, the Chiefs on the road in the playoffs is never something good for them. Houston wins. Final Score: 26-23, Texans

(3) Cincinnati Bengals vs. (6) Pittsburgh Steelers

It’s hard to believe that one of the most exciting teams in NFL history is the 6th seed in the playoffs, but unfortunately for Pittsburgh, that’s just how the season turned out to be. Now, Cincy could have been the #1 or #2 seed in the AFC, giving them a week of rest and letting that carrot-top QB Andy Dalton who can’t seem to spell the word playoffs right another week of well-deserved rest, but instead, they blew a lead in Denver and lost to the now #1 seed Denver Broncos. The new QB is that kid AJ McCarron that went to Alabama and won TWO National Championships as member of Nick Saban’s Tide, yes him, AJ McCarron gets the nod, but the NFL pressure has seemed to crack on him in big games (as seen in Denver). Steel City fans will be waving their Terrible Towels to victory. Final Score: 41-34, Steelers

NFC Wild Card

(3) Minnesota Vikings vs. (6) Seattle Seahawks

Get all the coats you own and wear them to this game, because a -15°F game is not fun for a football fan. Anyways, I think Seattle has a disadvantage because their passing game has been as deadly as Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber, and it may continue, but this will be an exciting game. Minnesota did crazy things last week, with fake punts and suffocating defense that helped them stop the Green Bay Packers. Minnesota will win, but Russell Wilson will have the game of his life. Final Score: 41-36, Vikings

(4) Washington Redskins vs. (5) Green Bay Packers

Just when you thought the Packers were unstoppable, they turned bad. A 6-0 start ended as a 10-6 overall season including losing 3 games at home, something that you almost never saw happen. The Redskins, on the other hand, are seemingly unstoppable in terms of winning lately, on a 4-game win streak, 3 of those coming on the road. Captain Kirk and the Redskins will sure like to see themselves in the NFL Divisional Round, and they should. Final Score: 38-28, Redskins

Should The Washington Redskins Start RGIII or Kirk Cousins?

After seeing the smiles on the faces of many Redskins fans after this past week’s brilliant performance by Kirk Cousins, we saw that many Redskins fans, including myself, hate RGIII so much, and love Kirk Cousins. I think that this is a good move for this team, and we seem to be moving in a positive direction in all facets and positions, but I think that coach Jay Gruden needs to think about who he should have starting at the quarterback come Week 1.

So, RGIII or Kirk Cousins?

RGIII going to the locker room has been the image that every Redskins fan has been remembering for his entire NFL career so far. However, with Kirk Cousins, we’ve had great success. So, at least know that the 2012 Draft wasn’t a total waste for us. Anyways, there are upsides and downsides to each of these QBs. The upsides for RGIII are he has great arm strength and speed, and the downsides are that he gets injured without any apparent contact (he got a concussion, and his head was not anywhere near touching the ground), he takes hits, he cannot run without fumbling, he cannot read a defense, and he cannot throw the ball at all. For Cousins, there are MANY upsides and some downsides. His upsides are that he can throw the ball accurately; he can throw the ball deep, he can run out of pressure calmly, he can avoid hits, he knows when to take hits, he can run well, and he can throw LOTS of touchdowns. The downsides are that he does not have the speed that RGIII possesses, and Jay Gruden has trusted RGIII too much, which has meant a lack of snaps for Cousins in the Jay Gruden offensive system.

Who Is Better For Jay Gruden?

Now, this is actually a harder question than it seems because Gruden was the coach of the Cincinnati Bengals, and his quarterback, Andy Dalton, was a guy who had crazy arm strength, like RGIII, and turned Dalton and wide receiver AJ Green into one of the league’s best receiver. Cousins and RGIII are in a tight battle for this, but I think that Cousins should be the one leading the offense.

Who Should Be The Starter For The ‘Skins?

Kirk Cousins should be the starter, and there should be no debate about that. Last week basically sealed the case, because even if RGIII didn’t get injured he would have only had 8 YARDS PASSING ON 4 POSSESSIONS! THAT’S TERRIBLE! Cousins, on the other hand, had 93 yards on 8-12 passing on 3 possessions. Another big key will be the running game of the Redskins, because this team will be one of the best rushing teams in the league, and their defense is great, so lots of pressure will be taken off of Cousins. Now, RGIII’s shoulder injury isn’t serious, but the concussion could keep him out of next week’s preseason showdown against the Baltimore Ravens. Cousins has consistently shown that he can grow and adapt in any offensive system, and at the end of the day, he is going to be the one to deliver the Redskins a victory.

4 Takeaways From NFL Preseason Week 1

The NFL preseason kicked off on Thursday (Week 1 ended Sunday), and there were 4 biggest takeaways that will be what we should watch from now until the season starts.

  1. Tim Tebow is going to be a member of the Philadelphia Eagles

So, as of before Sunday, the starter in Philly was Sam Bradford, and the 2nd-string QB was Matt Barkley, and Tim Tebow looked like he wouldn’t even make the team, but that changed in the middle of the 3rd quarter of the Eagles preseason game yesterday afternoon against the Indianapolis Colts. Tebow looked like he was a Florida Gator again, cool as a cucumber, leading his team down the field, and scoring a huge rushing touchdown to cap it all off. Right now, I think Bradford is the starter, but Tebow is the #2 guy, and could also be a situational QB. 

  1. All the rookies proved themselves!

Every rookie that played this week proved that they were worthy of being part of an NFL team, especially the Baltimore Ravens and Atlanta Falcons. Both teams had on rookies scoring touchdowns. It was phenomenal watching the new and young talents, and it will be very hard for teams to get rid of their newcomers (every team must have 53 players or less by the time the NFL season starts).

  1. RGIII says he is ‘the best quarterback in the league’

Does RGIII have some kind of concussion or something, and we don’t know about it yet? This comment is just crazy. He has yet to prove in the NFL that he can be a good quarterback, and at the same time not get hit or injured multiple times, and the Redskins have won many games without him being the starter. Come on, RGIII!!! Come on!!! 

  1. Jay Cutler is gonna be a decent quarterback for the Chicago Bears

Now, I didn’t say he would be good, but I said decent. Cutler played well, going 4-7 for 42 yards passing, and during practices and this game against the Miami Dolphins, he has thrown just one interception, which was today.

The NFC Playoff Picture – After Week 16

The NFL Playoff Picture is very tight so far, though here is the playoff picture right now for the NFC.

NFC Playoff Picture 2012-2013

Number 1: Atlanta Falcons

Predicted Record: (14-2-0)

Current Record: (13-2-0)


The Atlanta Falcons got a first-round bye, and will have home-field advantage as they will face the lowest-winning seed from the 1st round. They have beaten some big-time teams, though they will need to fix up their playoff struggles. In 2010-2011, they were 13-3-0, and lost to the 10-6-0 Green Bay Packers 48-21. Last year, they lost as a 10-6-0 team in the 1st round to the 9-7-0 NY Giants, 24-2. Remaining opponent: vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Falcons should go easy over the Bucs, and will face the Vikings, and lose to the Vikings 23-20.


Number 2: Green Bay Packers

Predicted Record: (11-5-0)

Current Record: (11-4-0)


The Green Bay Packers won 55-7 over the Titans, the biggest blowout this season, and are number 2 thanks to the San Francisco 49ers losing to the Seattle Seahawks 42-13. The Packers have a much-improved D, led by Right Outside Linebacker Clay Matthews and Free Safety Charles Woodson. They will get a 1st round bye as well. Remaining opponent: @ Minnesota Vikings. They will lose to Adrian Peterson and the Vikings. They will most likely play the Washington Redskins in the 2nd round of the playoffs, and my prediction is that they will lose, not just because I’m a Redskins fan, but because the Green Bay D will most likely not be able to contain Robert Griffin III. They will lose in a close game. Final Score: Redskins 27, Packers 19


Number 3: San Francisco 49ers

Predicted Record: (11-4-1)

Current Record: (10-4-1)


The 49ers got a number 3 seed after a huge loss to the Seahawks, 42-13. Colin Kaepernick played poorly, and Alex Smith will probably regain his starting job. This is the only reason why they have a number 3 seed. Remaining opponent: vs. Arizona Cardinals. They should go easily past the Cardinals. They will probably face the Vikings led by Adrian Peterson. Though, they will probably not be able to stop Adrain Peterson and the amazing offense.


Number 4: Washington Redskins

Predicted Record: (10-6-0)

Current Record: (9-6-0)


The Redskins were 3-6 to start the season, and have the highest-scoring offense. They have won 6 straight, and will try to make it 7 straight wins. They will also try to make the playoffs for the 1st time since the 2007-2008 season. The Redskins, led by RG3 and Alfred Morris, are right now the best team in the NFL, though they don’t have the best record. Remaining opponent: vs. Dallas Cowboys. We should see the same result, with Dallas failing to beat the ‘Skins. They will rematch the Seahawks, though this time, win in a very high-scoring game, winning 45-42. Then, they will go on to stun Green Bay, 23-14. Then, the Redskins will face the Vikings, win 30-23, and go on to the Super Bowl. They will face the Indianapolis Colts, feat. Andrew Luck vs. RG3, though eventually, the Redskins prevail over the Colts, 38-26.


Number 5: Seattle Seahawks

Predicted Record: (11-5-0)

Current Record: (10-5-0)


The Seattle Seahawks will face the St. Louis Rams, and will win BIG. Their season will end though, with a heart-breaking 45-42 loss to the Redskins.


Number 6: Minnesota Vikings

Predicted Record: (10-6-0)

Current Record: (9-6-0)


The Minnesota Vikings will face the Packers on Sunday, though the result will be a win, meaning they will still be in the playoffs. They will beat the San Francisco 49ers in the 1st round 16-13, the Falcons in the 2nd round in OVERTIME, 17-14, though will not prevail against the Redskins, losing 30-23.

 The award winners:

Adrain Peterson will be rewarded with the Comeback Player of the Year Award, as Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning will win MVP, the Offensive Rookie of the Year will be Robert Griffin III, the Defensive Rookie of the Year will be Morris Claiborne, and finally, the Defensive Player of the Year will be Aldon Smith.


The 2012-2013 NFC Champions, as well as the Super Bowl Champions, the Washington Redskins

2013-2014 Season NFL Draft: Top 5 Picks – Week 9 predictions

There are many players that we know of from college who can easily make it to the NFL. Here are my Top 5 draft picks, after week 9:

#1 Pick by the Kansas City Chiefs: Quarterback Geno Smith (West Virginia Moutaineers)

Geno Smith out of West Virginia is a player that reminds many of RG3 in Baylor and how he started off his NFL career with the Washington Redskins, as well as Donovan McNabb in Syracuse and in his early years as an Eagles player, and Andrew Luck in Stanford. Matt Cassel literally sucks, so don’t be surprised to see Smith in a red and white Chiefs uniform.

#2 Pick by the Jacksonville Jaguars: Quarterback Matt Barkley (USC Trojans)

It’s pretty obvious that Matt Barkley will go Number 2 (if he doesn’t go number 1), and he has shown us that so far. He plays like an NFL QB and he can make the right plays at the right time. The only reason that I wouldn’t put him as the number 1 pick is because he can’t escape from all the pressure that the defenses are giving him. Also, he got a lot of criticism after the USC Trojans lost to the Stanford Cardinal 21-14.

#3 Pick by the Cleveland Browns: Defensive End Barkevious Mingo (LSU Tigers)

The Cleveland Browns have one of the most explosive offenses in the league, but a defense that many coaches might not want to rely on. Mingo could very easily change that. Though, the Browns have to make the right pick, or else Mingo is out of the picture!

#4 Pick by the Carolina Panthers: Wide Receiver Keenan Allen (Cal aka California Golden Bears)

The Carolina Panthers don’t have a star wide receiver other than Steve Smith, so the speedy Allen out of Cal is the perfect choice. He has a 6’3”, 210 pound frame. He is one of the fastest wide receivers in the country. He has the explosiveness to make big catches, and the agility to make defenders miss. The Panthers can’t pass off on Allen, no matter what circumstances may lie in front of them.

#5 Pick by the Washington Redskins: Defensive End Sam Montgomery (LSU Tigers)

The Washington Redskins have a similar situation to what the Cleveland Browns are going through, so Montgomery is the perfect choice. Washington needs a player at defense so that he can fill in when players like Brian Orakpo or London Fletcher or anyone else gets injured, he can fill in. Though, he can still get valuable playing time even when there are no injuries (or any major injuries). He is a player who is very tough to block, and he is the best, most reliable pass-rusher in the country. The Redskins should definitely take advantage of this high pick to be able to get a player such as Sam Montgomery who can also play at the Left Outside Linebacker position. He played Left Outside Linebacker on many key and crucial 3rd down plays for LSU. He is a great pass-rusher who has the speed and power to get the job done for LSU defense (which was number 1 in the country in the 2011-2012 NCAA Football season) and possibly for the Washington Redskins defense (if he gets drafted by the team)!

Redskins vs. Giants: The NFC East Decider

The Washington Redskins are huge underdogs coming into this game, though my prediction is that these 2 teams will go 1-2 in the NFC East and ease into the playoffs. Whoever wins is No. 1 in the division, and the loser gets No. 2. This game is between 2 teams that have MVP-caliber quarterbacks in potential rookie of the year Robert Griffin III and 2-time Super Bowl MVP, Eli Manning. This is a matchup of 2 QBs selected as either No. 1 or No. 2. This also features 2 teams that are tied for the 2nd highest points scored per game.

Key Matchups

RG3 vs. Eli Manning

In a matchup that is very important, this is what I expect.


30-36, 309 yards, 1 TD, 12 carries, 100 yards, 1 TD

Griffin is going to have a fantastic performance against the Giants, a team that has just 3.5 sacks in the last 4 games and have one of the lowest amount of sacks by any defense.

Eli Manning

29-45, 305 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT

Manning will have a great game, though not as spectacular as Griffin’s. Expect some struggles.

My call: The Redskins will win a close battle, winning 26-19.

NFL Week 5: The Injury Report

Week 5 has been a week in the NFL which has been full of injuries to many key players from their respective teams. Let’s have an update to see how bad the outcome of these injuries are.

Lamaar Woodley: Right Hamstring, Questionable Return.

Woodley’s injury seemed scary at first, but the Steelers won’t have to worry after the great play by backup linebackers Lawrence Timmons and James Worilds. Woodley had not registered a tackle or any other defensive stat.

Troy Polamalu: Aggravating Right Calf, Out Week 6 (vs. Titans).

Polamalu’s injury will be very serious. The Steelers only hope at Strong Safety is Ryan Clark, who says that it is hard to see Polamalu get hurt after forcing Michael Vick’s second fumble (which he recovered and fell 1 yard shy of the end zone).

Robert Griffin III: Mild Concussion, Questionable Week 6 Return.

RG3’s season has been nothing short of spectacular. He’s had one of the best rookie seasons you could’ve imagined from a rookie quarterback. This will hurt for Redskins fans. The Redskins are testing out Kirk Cousins and Rex Grossman.

BJ Raji: Ankle, Expected to Play Week 6.

Raji has been one of the best defensive lineman in the NFL, and for Green Bay players and coaching staff, the injury sure did look ugly. Luckily for the Packers, Raji is to return for Week 6.

Cedric Benson: Foot, Questionable Return.

Many said that he would be the best running back in Packers history, though his dreams of being a great back were shattered. Packers are looking to use John Kuhn on a lot of rushing plays.

Andre Brown: Concussion, Questionable Return.

Brown was looking to impress a lot of experts this season with his great speed and blocking ability. The Giants used a good 200 rushing yards from Ahmad Bradshaw, so there’s no need to worry for NY Giants fans.

Will it be a big return and bounce-back for these players, or will some have to go home and cheer on their team as a spectator? What’s next for these players and their future? We shall wait to find out what will happen…

Redskins vs. Falcons, RG3 vs. Matt Ryan

We have seen the best from both RG3 and Matt Ryan, and it will be a key matchup coming into the game on Sunday afternoon @ 1pm EST. Both players have thrown for 300+ yards passing, though their respective RBs have also come into the fun and have been very successful at protecting their QB and running the ball for their teams.

Key Matchup

RG3 vs. Matt Ryan

RG3. Whenever you hear his name, you think rookie of the year, and he has played with an attitude to do just that. He has thrown for 1,070 yards and 4 TDs, which is pretty impressive because he runs the ball very effectively (He has a 101.1 QB rating). He has run for 234 yards off just 41 carries, which for a QB is pretty impressive. RG3 must make sure that he doesn’t throw any interceptions against a great pass coverage defense.

Matt Ryan. A true MVP candidate for this season. He has shown us how well he can pass the ball this season, and he has passed the ball much more effectively than all of his previous seasons. He has the highest QB rating (112.1). He has thrown 1,162 yards and 11 TDs. He was sacked 9 times vs. Panthers last Sunday in the 30-28 win and threw for 369 yards and 3 TDs, which was 4 yards short of tying his career-high in yards thrown in one game. The offensive line must protect Ryan against a furious blitzing team.

My call: It will be a big fight, but the Redskins have a great chance on their home field against a tough team. It will certainly be a battle of which team can pass and/or run the football better. The offensive line will need to protect their QB’s and RB’s for a chance to win. RG3 and the ‘Skins shall end the Falcons undefeated season and improve to 3-2. Redskins, 31 Falcons, 30